Monday, June 9, 2014

Final Post

Since this is the final blog post we are to reflect on our overall 20 time experience, based on the questions given to us in evernote.

1. Overall, what is your opinion of 20 Time based on YOUR experience in class?

I looked 20 time overall, because of the long term gratification that we receive from it, and learning how to manage long term goals. I also like how it is very open-ended, so that we can hopefully get to do whatever we want, which makes it a lot easier to succeed in doing it. I also like the long term lessons that one learns and the realizations that they can gain from it.

2. What are some aspects of 20 Time that you think should be adjusted for students next year?

I don't think that any major adjustments need to be made, however I do think that the project should be started after the transcendentalism unit, but we are to think about it from the start of the year, because some people had a tough time finding a project they were passionate abut and found it hard to come up with a project with the snap of their fingers like I pretty much did.

3. What are some aspects of 20 Time that should NOT be changed for students next year?

I like the blog posts every week, because it keeps us on our toes and forces us to at least do something every week. I got frustrated at times because I had consecutive weeks where I didn't do too much, so I went out and got a $300 sponsorship from a local resurant, which helped me get to my goal and also helped my blog-writing abilities for the following week, because I now had something to write about.

4. Is 20 Time something that more students should do in school? Please explain why or why not.

Yes, because it leads to long term great accomplishments, which a lot of kids have trouble doing while managing other school work. When the project becomes a grade and becomes part of school, it is a lot easier to succeed at that goal, and you can also learn a lot while attaining an easy A. The A is easy to receive because it is easy to learn from the project, not because we don't have to work hard for our good grade.

5. What advice would you give to students who are doing 20 Time next year?

Start your project, and go out and do it right away. Also, set small goals with short term gratification that will help contribute to your long term goal, but they will also keep you motivated for your long term goal. Also make sure that you take the project seriously the entire year. Also make sure you have a project that you like and want to do, because it makes is so much easier to work on rather than forcing yourself to do something that you don't want do

6. (For Speakers at TEDxGPSHS Only) What did you think of the event? Is this something the school should host again? Why or why not?

I really liked the event and thought that it was a ton of fun to do. I think that event should be hosted again, and although it would be cool if it was another TEDx event, it would be bitter sweet for us speakers because it kind of takes away from how special it was for us to speak at the one and only TEDx Grosse Pointe South HS. I think that the presentations at the end of the year are good however, and that should remain the same for next year.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Post 24

           The event has passed, and it went extremely well! It didn't rain, so we were able to stay outeside the entire 24 hours and had some great competitive games of monopoly. We ended up being the highest fundraising team in here event, until 3 days later when another team thwarted our effete and fundraiser AFTER the event. So I'm just going to say we were the highest fundraising team AT the event haha. We also got a plaque for "best new team" out of the 6 new teams, which I am extremely proud to have captained. The event was a lot of fun and I would recommend joining Relay for Life to anyone, whether it's starting your own team, or even just joining another persons team, it is a ton of fun and supports a great cause!

            in terms of my presentation, I went first out of everyone, and I think I did pretty well. I got a ton of positive feedback, including a standing ovation that my class gave to me. I focused on how kids are stressing themselves out by doing things just to put it on their college resume. I think I was able to engage the audience with a relatable topic, and from what the other kids told me I was a great speaker. I would really like to present at the TEDx event, which is the 12-15 best of the 90 or so speakers, so it would be great to put on college resume (kidding). I would like to present because I think I have a talk that is worth spreading to others and one that should be stressed around the country, and what better way to spread the word to give a TED talk. Anyways, since my project is pretty much done for the most part, I will probably just be reviewing my posts and blogging about my wrap up thoughts. Thanks.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Post 23

               Fundraising is pretty much complete, we are probably in the end going to raise about $2,700. This will make us either the highest or the second highest fundraising team in the event. I myself will be in the same situation;first or second highest in the event. It is all in the hands of the event organizer, who is the only person beating me in the event. This isn't that bad however, because she is moving at the end of May, which means that next year I should be able to become the highest fundraiser in my event. She is very nice however, so it will be sad to see her go. I also got a couple hundred dollars from a restaurant across the street from my high school. They will be sponsoring the event, so the money they donated goes to my and my team. Also, the lead organizer mentioned that she wants me to be in the board for the event next year, which will be great. The event is this weekend, so I also need to get all of the forms out to all of my team members in order to get them to be able to come, which I will do Monday. It's crazy that the event is already here and about to happen.

                In terms of my talk, I do want to be one of the 15 students to speak at the TEDx event we are having. I think that I will have a strong talk on a debated topic (getting into college) and I do believe in my public speaking abilities. I will start by addressing the problem-kids are doing things just to get into college, things they aren't passionate about, then complain about being stressed out. This results in them being very stressed out and not producing the best results, and them not being very reliable. I will then go on to say "I learned this through my 20 time project" where I then put in Relay for Life and everything about it. I will also praise 20 time because although I may have been involved either way, I think 20 time definentely positivly effected my performance, and me being as successfull as I am. I will then offer the solution that kids should only sign up for stuff that they want to do and are passionate about. I think that I can be one of the ones to go at the event with this plan, as long as I practice and have confidence. Hopefully I will be one of the ones to speak at the event, although it will be a crazy day since I'm taking an SAT subject test that very morning. I look foreward too giving my presentation and to the Relay event this Saturday!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Post 22

                   My team has been doing pretty well. We are the number one highest fundraising team in the event, and have raised over $2,500 and I have personally raised about $1,550. I think that I am going to start slowing now on fundraising and focus on the actual even and let my teammates finish up the fundraising. Also, I want to be able to improve every year on how much I fundraise, so that I can increase my involvement every year. Also, I have to focus more on the actual event, such as sponsorships and having all of the gear ready for the event.  We are also going to be selling drinks at the event in order to raise some more money at the actual event, known as on-site fundraising. That is apparently a huge fundraiser fund what I've heard.

               VI also am trying to get on the board for my relay for life event. I think that because I am the highest single fundraiser other than the event chair, that I could bring a very different point of view to the table from someone who has been doing it for one year and have already raised a lot of money and my team is number 1 in the event. I think also that they could improve in a couple of areas. So I will definitely try and do that.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Post 21

        The past couple of weeks have been pretty buisy. I have sent some emails and have raised $1,400 making me the second largest single fundraiser in my event and my team has raised over $2,200 making us the highest fundraising group on the event so far. Our team is now called "the notorious C.U.R.E." Which should be good enough so we don't need anyone to sponsor it to legitimize it. I am just trying to raise about $2,500 and get my team to raise 5,000 dollars. If there is anyone out there reading these things other than Megan Soares (sorry if that's spelled wrong) then I'll put in a link below where you can donate. I'll use the same line here as I do in my emails. "Please remember that any amount is greatly appreciated" which is 100% true. 

       In terms of my talk, I think I'm going to talk about college because I have found that the number 1 reason why kids join my team is because it will look good on a college resume, and I think that that is a problem. I think that should be a good enough topic and hopefully I can reach my goal and raise a lot of money. I also hope that I could join the committee next year to get more involved in it, so hopefully if I do well enough I could do that. I am just trying to cruise in now and really start preparing for my talk. Thanks.

Donate here:

Or if the mobile is bad, just go to relay for and search 48230 as go to the second event down (event on May 17) and click on Jacob Schwessinger in the "top 3 fundraisers" and donate from there. Thanks

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Post 20

             I sent about 8 emails to some of my sister’s biggest donors, so I should get some responses soon. My team has raised a little under $1,600 so that’s pretty good, but we should be able to start picking it up more now. I also got 3 more people on the team, so they should be able to raise some more money as well. I was also invited to speak at the team captains meeting, but sadly, I had a prior engagement, so I will be speaking at the next one about my story and why I am participating.

               I am also planning on getting the team sponsored, but that is proving challenging, however I will keep trying to work on that, and also try and get some businesses to donate. Other than that, not too much else has happened. I myself have raised about $650.00, and I am also putting together a mass email that I can send out to a lot of people that will probably not give as large donations, but the smaller ones will still add up a lot to match those bigger donors. Everything is looking great, and hopefully I can continue to successfully fundraise for Relay. I am happy that 20 Time has given the opportunity to work on this, and although I was going to do it either way, it is nice to have some constant motivation to work on it every Friday and write these things. I am happy to be doing this and can’t wait to do more.

-also, since I am writing this on my iPad, I apologize for the abnormal font.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Post 19

                       This week I really didn't do too much. I am just working on a mass email I will send to people and I really hope I can get some cash flow into the account. I am also working as always on getting some more people on the team. I also got two guys who want to be more involved in Relay, so I deemed one of the "Cheif Recruitment Manager" or "CRM" and the other "Assistant Cheif Recruitment Manager" so they can focus more on the recruitment, and I can focus more on the money side of things, while also indirectly recruiting. Just to make if official. I signed their National Honors Society applications, so yeah I feel pretty important now.

                       I also got a job, so hopefully before the event, I can make a sizable, personal donation to show that not only am I asking for money, but I am also willing to put money into it myself. This is going to be a reisdual income that I have been trying to get for a while. I am also trying to get a subject for my talk figured out, because I actually do want to speak at the TEDx talk, but I don't want to set that goal until I can actually have a topic and plan to back it. So that is pretty much it for this week. I have a captains meeting this wednesday, so that will hopefully be some good inspiration for more fundraising. I can't wait to continue my journy through this Relay for Life.