Friday, April 4, 2014

Post 21

        The past couple of weeks have been pretty buisy. I have sent some emails and have raised $1,400 making me the second largest single fundraiser in my event and my team has raised over $2,200 making us the highest fundraising group on the event so far. Our team is now called "the notorious C.U.R.E." Which should be good enough so we don't need anyone to sponsor it to legitimize it. I am just trying to raise about $2,500 and get my team to raise 5,000 dollars. If there is anyone out there reading these things other than Megan Soares (sorry if that's spelled wrong) then I'll put in a link below where you can donate. I'll use the same line here as I do in my emails. "Please remember that any amount is greatly appreciated" which is 100% true. 

       In terms of my talk, I think I'm going to talk about college because I have found that the number 1 reason why kids join my team is because it will look good on a college resume, and I think that that is a problem. I think that should be a good enough topic and hopefully I can reach my goal and raise a lot of money. I also hope that I could join the committee next year to get more involved in it, so hopefully if I do well enough I could do that. I am just trying to cruise in now and really start preparing for my talk. Thanks.

Donate here:

Or if the mobile is bad, just go to relay for and search 48230 as go to the second event down (event on May 17) and click on Jacob Schwessinger in the "top 3 fundraisers" and donate from there. Thanks

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Post 20

             I sent about 8 emails to some of my sister’s biggest donors, so I should get some responses soon. My team has raised a little under $1,600 so that’s pretty good, but we should be able to start picking it up more now. I also got 3 more people on the team, so they should be able to raise some more money as well. I was also invited to speak at the team captains meeting, but sadly, I had a prior engagement, so I will be speaking at the next one about my story and why I am participating.

               I am also planning on getting the team sponsored, but that is proving challenging, however I will keep trying to work on that, and also try and get some businesses to donate. Other than that, not too much else has happened. I myself have raised about $650.00, and I am also putting together a mass email that I can send out to a lot of people that will probably not give as large donations, but the smaller ones will still add up a lot to match those bigger donors. Everything is looking great, and hopefully I can continue to successfully fundraise for Relay. I am happy that 20 Time has given the opportunity to work on this, and although I was going to do it either way, it is nice to have some constant motivation to work on it every Friday and write these things. I am happy to be doing this and can’t wait to do more.

-also, since I am writing this on my iPad, I apologize for the abnormal font.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Post 19

                       This week I really didn't do too much. I am just working on a mass email I will send to people and I really hope I can get some cash flow into the account. I am also working as always on getting some more people on the team. I also got two guys who want to be more involved in Relay, so I deemed one of the "Cheif Recruitment Manager" or "CRM" and the other "Assistant Cheif Recruitment Manager" so they can focus more on the recruitment, and I can focus more on the money side of things, while also indirectly recruiting. Just to make if official. I signed their National Honors Society applications, so yeah I feel pretty important now.

                       I also got a job, so hopefully before the event, I can make a sizable, personal donation to show that not only am I asking for money, but I am also willing to put money into it myself. This is going to be a reisdual income that I have been trying to get for a while. I am also trying to get a subject for my talk figured out, because I actually do want to speak at the TEDx talk, but I don't want to set that goal until I can actually have a topic and plan to back it. So that is pretty much it for this week. I have a captains meeting this wednesday, so that will hopefully be some good inspiration for more fundraising. I can't wait to continue my journy through this Relay for Life.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Post 18

This week in my account i got $500 dollars in from verious fundraisers and i had my mom out in the money for me. I was really happy with the aount i have in, and i have sent an email to my uncle to start spreading the word. I actually accomplished a lot this week, and got 3 more commitments to the team, so I am very happy with that. I also told each of those kids to get 5 more people instead of focusing on fundrasing so that we can get aven more people on it. I look foeward to doing more of it this week and sending more emails to the people that i saw out in California so that I can hopefully get a lot of donations from them and get a lot of responses and get them to spread the word even more

The kickoff meeting was this week as well. It included two great, inspirational speakers about relay, including the father of one girl from my school who was diagnosed with cancer as a middle schooler, and battled back and survived and is still with us today. She is starting a team with her family, whch should be great for the community and for Relay to have a story like that. I am also looking to get the name of the team sponsered in order to raise money. I plan on meeting with several local buisnesses in the next week or two in order to get some more money towards the squad. I am really excited to keep doing this and am happy that things are starting to pick up.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Post 17

                I had a great trip out to California last week. It was great to go and talk to everyone that I had been wanting to see for the last few years who I haven't been able to. It was also great because I was really able to talk up Relay for Life and what I realized was that it wasn't about getting any donations while out to lunch, but to build up relationships with those who I haven't seen in a while so as soon as my mom gets it together to donate I should have a good enough looking Relay page to get a great amount of money from each person.

                This should be the week when I can finally bring it all together, and start sending out the emails that I need to do and also to get some more people on the team. I have been in talks with a lot of people so it shouldn't be too hard to get at least 5 people on the team by the end of the week. Once my mom donates to it I should be able to get the emails out because I was also able to fully update my page and personalize it. I'm also thinking in order to appeal to more people, that I should change the name of the team to something else more inclusive instead of just GPS20Time because it seems a little too specific. 

                Also, there is a meeting this Wednesday for the team captains, so I should be able to go and get to know the other people a little better. Also, here's a picture of my trip out of me and my uncle in Sausalito.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Post 16

                   I'm getting excited to head out to California to get some fundraising done along with having a little fun. I hope to come back with $500 in the donated. Also, my sister gave me a list of donors that she had and hopefully I should be able to get a few of them. My sister also wants me to get a pretty big team going, but I don't really want to have a big one because it just doesn't really seem worth it to spend time working on that when I could be fundraising. This week was mostly just a hold week while I wait to go to California, so I don't have too much to report in other than what I just said, so I'll.h hopefully be able for bring back some good news from Northern California next time a return, and I should also have a great time as well.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Post 15

           I am currently trying to update the my page on the relay website, but I can't get the stupid images to save or any of the text that I'm trying to make to update the "why I relay" tab but none of it is saving. It's very frustrating because people can see my name but that's about it. I spent a whole hour trying to get it to work-during the Super Bowl (talk about commitment) and it wouldn't work. 

            Anyways I'm planning on sending the email to my aunt and my uncle (offerer sides of the family) to hopefully get some money starting to flow in. It's also been an awfully cold and snowy winter so I haven't been able to get outeside and start to campaign yet. I need to start going though. And soon. I am currently writing this in class right now because I got so frustrated last night I just went to sleep. But hey, I got it done so who cares how.

            Also one more thing. I got my mom to get me a ticket out to California for winter break, so I should be able to do some major fundraising from the relatives out there for relay, and it will be very helpful because it obsoletes the page not working. Being there in person should also be a huge help to getting more money from them to donate to a good cause. Scratch that, a great cause. I am writing paragraph this a little later because not only did I not realize the post was this short (it looks bigger on an iPhone ok?) but also because this is some important information. That's all I got for now. Thanks