Monday, February 24, 2014

Post 17

                I had a great trip out to California last week. It was great to go and talk to everyone that I had been wanting to see for the last few years who I haven't been able to. It was also great because I was really able to talk up Relay for Life and what I realized was that it wasn't about getting any donations while out to lunch, but to build up relationships with those who I haven't seen in a while so as soon as my mom gets it together to donate I should have a good enough looking Relay page to get a great amount of money from each person.

                This should be the week when I can finally bring it all together, and start sending out the emails that I need to do and also to get some more people on the team. I have been in talks with a lot of people so it shouldn't be too hard to get at least 5 people on the team by the end of the week. Once my mom donates to it I should be able to get the emails out because I was also able to fully update my page and personalize it. I'm also thinking in order to appeal to more people, that I should change the name of the team to something else more inclusive instead of just GPS20Time because it seems a little too specific. 

                Also, there is a meeting this Wednesday for the team captains, so I should be able to go and get to know the other people a little better. Also, here's a picture of my trip out of me and my uncle in Sausalito.

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  1. I hope you enjoyed the warm weather because it was pretty chilly here! I get so excited reading your posts because of the motivation you have behind relay for life! I wish you the best for your success with your page! Enjoy your meeting and make sure you fully get into it! Enjoy :)