Monday, March 3, 2014

Post 18

This week in my account i got $500 dollars in from verious fundraisers and i had my mom out in the money for me. I was really happy with the aount i have in, and i have sent an email to my uncle to start spreading the word. I actually accomplished a lot this week, and got 3 more commitments to the team, so I am very happy with that. I also told each of those kids to get 5 more people instead of focusing on fundrasing so that we can get aven more people on it. I look foeward to doing more of it this week and sending more emails to the people that i saw out in California so that I can hopefully get a lot of donations from them and get a lot of responses and get them to spread the word even more

The kickoff meeting was this week as well. It included two great, inspirational speakers about relay, including the father of one girl from my school who was diagnosed with cancer as a middle schooler, and battled back and survived and is still with us today. She is starting a team with her family, whch should be great for the community and for Relay to have a story like that. I am also looking to get the name of the team sponsered in order to raise money. I plan on meeting with several local buisnesses in the next week or two in order to get some more money towards the squad. I am really excited to keep doing this and am happy that things are starting to pick up.

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  1. That is awesome! You are doing a fantastic job leading your team and you are getting me motivated to start fundraising. I loved the detail you put into the captains meeting paragraph, as well as the picture. It really made me feel like I was there. Goodluck with all of your fundraising goals this week and keep up the good work!